Wonder Woman Stars In: PARADE OF THE VILLAINS! Details inside….

Wonder Woman Stars In:  PARADE OF THE VILLAINS! Details inside….

Welcome to another Wonder Woman Wednesday Vintage DC Fans!

SENSATION COMICS Vol.1, No.36, December 1944; Cover Art:Harry G. Peter; Writer: William Moulton Marston; Penciler: Harry G. Peter; Inker: Harry G. Peter

Bedwin Footh is an actor whose days of glory are past, but he’s resentful that now everyone seems to be paying attention to the Amazon Princess. Determined to get his revenge, Footh – as Red Fitz – decides to enlist the aid of six villains from Wonder Woman’s rogues’ gallery to take her down. Unfortunately, the Duke of Deception, Blakfu of the Mole Men, Dr. Psycho, Marva Psycho, Cheetah, Queen Clea, and Giganta are all unavailable to a man of Footh’s resources, so he dresses six actors as duplicates of the dastardly wrongdoers instead.

Steve Trevor figures out the foes are false, however, when he learns that Dr. Psycho is still in custody. First, the Holliday Girls have to be rescued,and then the entire team goes after Footh to put an end to his vengeful little production. Additional stories featuring Sargon the Sorcerer, Mr. Terri c, and Wildcat round out the issue.

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