Customer Reviews

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“I LOVE your calendars and have been purchasing them every year for my adult sons. They enjoy having a nice memory of their alma maters. They actually ask for the calendars every Christmas!”  – Nancy Brewer

“Love the calendars! We’ve been buying the Arkansas one for years for our family members at Christmas time. My husband is a 3rd generation Razorback!” – Jennifer Fowler

“If you’re a fan of vintage comics, you’ll be totally enthralled by this calendar! The pages can also be detached to be inserted into frames!” – Scott Galassini

“Great calendar!  I get it every year!” – Max Renn

“What a cool calendar, I bought this for my husband who loves vintage comics and he totally loves it.” – Laura B.

“Fast delivery, beautiful item. Highly recommend!” – Randy D Newlin

“I have enjoyed these vintage sci-fi calendars for several years now. I highly recommend them to anyone who has been reading science fiction for many decades and especially loves the pulp origins of the genre.” – David C.

“I get this one every year, it always brings a smile to my face, good stuff!” – Judy G.

“Top of the line product, every page suitable for hanging, I look forward to this calendar each year and it only gets better!” – mcbear52

“Order the Arkansas calendars every year! Pictures are great and quality is superb!” – Marcia Stokes Clement

“This company does a fantastic job on this vintage comics calendars and even provide a perforated edge if you desire to deep a page for what ever reason. We buy one ever year and their is room on the individual days for info if you want to write something down. An awesome blast form the past. Each month features a special comic character with infor about it at the bottom which is interesting to read.. A must have gift for those so inclined.” – Gurl Next Door

“Such a beautiful calendar! This is one of the best made calendars I have ever owned. The comic images are excellent quality and is quite large overall. Highly recommend.” – Ash Yanac

“I discovered pulp science fiction back in 1948 and became a full fledged science fiction fan. This calendar, as previous one in the years jpast, present a dozen of the great covers from beloved science fiction pulps. The pictures are indeed colorful and nostalgic.” – Neal Reynolds

“This is the 4th or 5th year I’ve gotten the vintage LSU calendar for my husband, and he has saved every one of them. Excellent quality.” – Haley Burke