Wholesale Information

Interested in selling Asgard Press products at your retail store or online?

Asgard Press is accepting applications for resellers.  

The Details:

  • Minimum orders are 12 pieces. 
  • Mix and match various titles to get to the minimum order.
  • Credit card terms only.
  • Resellers must have a valid Resellers Tax ID.
  • Orders ship from our warehouse located in Duluth, GA; shipping cost varies by location.
  • Discount is 50% and all orders are non returnable.
  • Resellers must agree to sell through their own store or site; reselling on Amazon is not permitted.

Download our 2023 Product Catalog to see all the titles available for purchase on our website and keep for future reference.

To get started please email us at csr@asgardpress.com or call us at 302-295-8992. Our customer service team will assist you with setting up an account and ordering products.