It all started when…
It was 1999 and we were sick—sick of seeing all the waste from the millions of calendars and stationery that were produced, bought, and discarded each year. Especially the calendars… (Cue the harp music, fade to a studio in downtown Wilmington, Delaware…)

Our goal was to create a series of calendars that people would think twice before throwing away at the end of the season. We thought that if we showcased captivating images and produced them to the same exacting standards as museum or gallery prints, but offered them at wall calendar prices, it could be a no-brainer. Next, we decided to print the images on heavy, archival-quality art stock and perforate each page so the reproductions could easily be removed, and fit standard frame sizes.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
In 2007, we made the commitment to produce our entire calendar line using only 100% recycled paper and soy-based inks. Our calendars use this eco-friendly material from cover to cover.

“What happens to all the unsold calendars, Mommy?”
Because it’s impossible for publishers to perfectly predict and match supply with demand each year, countless unsold calendars end up in landfills. So in 2008, we started to research and contact senior centers and nursing homes near participating stores, and worked together with those like-minded stores to donate any unsold calendars to an audience for whom these nostalgic images evoked many happy memories. There is still much work to do, but we see good things happening in a previously complacent and wasteful industry. Your comments and feedback are vital to helping us and publishers of all types of paper products as we continue forward on this journey. Thank you for your support!