(and hopefully, some answers!)


Will you be doing a Vintage MARVEL Calendar again? 

Unfortunately, our licensing agreement with MARVEL expired in 2017 and we are unable to renew at this time. Therefore, we will not be able to offer a new MARVEL calendar. Of course, we are saddened by this as we are huge fans and dedicated countless hours of loving research and effort into bringing you MARVEL products over the years. We hope another opportunity to renew our license will present itself in the future. We still have MARVEL journal books available while they last, and encourage you to browse our other Vintage offerings, including our expanded line of Vintage DC Comics products including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman calendars.

Very cool! What is this stuff? 

Archival-quality cover reproductions of actual college football souvenir game programs that were sold at the games from roughly the early 1900s – 1960s. Also, historical reproductions of pop culture art ranging from comic books to rare posters.

Why only football? What about other sports?

This is a series that features authentic reproductions of actual artwork that was created during a specific period in history. Unfortunately, a similar body of artwork does not exist in the same breadth and variety for other sports. Nevertheless, we think you will find that the artwork on these old program covers transcends the game itself, and appeals to fans of that particular school across generations. We hear from folks regularly who tell us they were never big football fans but they love the vintage art. Of course, if you are a football fan—you have just found your Vintage Valhalla.

I don’t see my school listed. What now?

Email us at team “at” asgardpress.com with your interest. We’d love to hear from you, and it helps us to hear from fans as we expand our list as quickly as possible.

Why don’t you discount your ‘old’ calendars like other publishers do?

This is a collectible series in that each year, we try to feature (as much as possible) a different set of twelve program covers or other artwork from this bygone era. We also feel that presenting different artwork every year adds to the appeal of the vintage series as more than just a calendar that you throw away at the end of the season. We now also offer great discounts on bundled sets, for those fans who want to collect and display a great variety of images.

If these images are ‘authentic reproductions’ of the actual program covers, why do I sometimes see the same exact artwork used by different schools?

Some of the most memorable images were created by staff artists and syndicated by advertising companies as stock art in catalogs, which schools could purchase and then customized by overprinting their specific game information in black. For many schools with tighter budgets, it was an affordable way (and often the only way) to nevertheless present engaging and colorful game programs to their fans each Saturday during the season. Rest assured, ALL of the images featured in our calendars are faithful reproductions of the actual physical programs that were sold at each school on game day during this unforgettable era.

What’s an away game cover doing in my school’s calendar?

Sometimes we choose to include an away game cover because it represents a nice win for the visiting team (your school), or because the cover art presents an interesting look at ‘the other side of the fence’. Frankly, sometimes this means that your home team may be subject to a bit of ‘old school humor’, but it’s helpful to remember that the prevailing attitude was a lot less mean-spirited than today. Our goal is to present a variety and quality of imagery that evokes the ambience of an earlier, more civil period in time, where an insult was met with a snappy comeback or clever innuendo, rather than the anger and vitriol that one sees only too often these days.

One other reason may be that certain teams almost always played an opponent on their turf, usually because the opponent had a bigger and better stadium.

I see a program cover in my school’s calendar between two teams that I don’t recognize—and neither the nicknames nor date of the game correspond with anything that seems to be associated with my school’s history. What’s up??

Good question. There are a few different answers, but the most likely scenario is that the program in question is a freshman game played on a different date. It was–and still is–common practice to playfully refer to freshman teams with diminutive nicknames such as ‘Colts’ (instead of Texas A&M Aggies) and ‘Boomers’ (instead of Oklahoma Sooners). We often include such programs and wherever possible, will notate that on the bottom of the grid page. In many cases, however, game information is not easily available for these freshman matchups, even though programs were made and sold, and the games were often well attended. 

Why don’t you include more program covers of games where my team won?

It comes down to having a limited number of game programs from which to choose, without repeating some of the most interesting covers over and over. Ultimately, the goal of this series is to present as wide a variety of artwork and glimpses in time as possible, and that makes it difficult to narrow the selection of covers to only games won.

Nice…but eco-friendly?

You betcha. We use 100% recycled paper for our posters (50% post-consumer waste, acid-free, sourced from an FSC-certified* paper manufacturer) and FSC-certified* paper for our calendars, all using soy-based inks. Another excellent calendar publisher with a similar philosophy is Amber Lotus: www.amberlotus.com. They do great work. *FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. They provide certification to companies and products that meet rigorous standards in sustainable forest management and manufacturing processes.

How about your carbon footprint?

Due to costs, the vast majority of all calendars sold in the U.S. are manufactured overseas. Within this highly competitive, incredibly resource-intensive industry, we’ve made a total commitment to be an agent of change—while maintaining a ‘no compromises’ approach to innovative design and production quality. We‘ve worked exclusively with the same printer for over twelve years—one of the most socially and environmentally progressive in Asia—and while we don’t claim to be better than anyone else, we do feel we are making a positive difference.

What is your privacy policy?

All customer information that you provide to us is never shared with any third party under any circumstances. We do not rent, sell, or trade away your personal information as a matter of principle. No exceptions and no excuses. We try to follow the golden rule in all our business practices and decisions.

How safe is my payment information?

Extremely. We use technology that is the best in the business. Our shopping cart is secured by SSL/TSL technology and the Stripe payment gateway. We could go on about the technical details of state-of-the-art encryption technology and how your payment information is inaccessible even to our own customer support team, but the most important point is that you won’t find a more secure online shopping experience in the world today.

I see I get free shipping if I spend over $30. Can I ship to multiple addresses and still get it for free?

No, sorry, but you must have your order shipped to a single address in order to qualify for free shipping.

Fine, but what if I’m still not comfortable with online shopping in general?

If you prefer, you can also order directly by phone (302) 295-8992, Monday thru Friday, from 9am to 5pm, EST. You can also email us at team “at” asgardpress.com and someone will respond to you promptly.