Valentine’s Day:  Ten Random things we Love

Valentine’s Day: Ten Random things we Love

Valentine’s Day: Ten Random things we Love

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  Rather than bemoaning the haves and have nots on this day of romance (and romance not), we’re going to keep things simple and merely point out a few things that make are hearts and minds go a flutter here at Asgard Press.  Here they are….

10. Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards – Especially those that have to do with Batman and Batgirl. 

9.  Old Football Dudes by old houses.

8.  Bell Bottoms

7.  Sports blogs that don’t regurgitate the same thing that every other Sports blog regurgitates.  For example, the Daily Dose gives you the perfect amount of informative sports content on your favorite legends and events from the past as well as today in a colorful, informative, easy-breezy, little known fact finding way every single day.  Since we’re nuts about College Football at Asgard Press, we found this post titled Unusual College Football especially pleasing.  Check it out and then sign up for your Daily Dose!

6.  Marilyn

5.  Old Gas Stations

4.  Thumbing through old LIFE magazines…..

3.  …..preferably in a home library with tons of books and leather couches and chairs.

2. Vintage State Map postcards

1.  Slice.  Plain Cheese.  New York.  Period.

BONUS:  AN OBVIOUS THING WE LOVE:  Well our own awesome Vintage Asgard Press products of course!!!  We know many of you feel the same we do and therefore you’re going to LOVE the 50% OFF EVERYTHING SITE-WIDE SALE we’re going to kick off this Friday right through Presidents’ Day on Monday.  So get ready to pull those purse – strings open for the 4-Day SALES event of the year that’s almost here!!  See you Friday!!

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