National Wine Day!

National Wine Day!

We’re celebrating National Wine Day!

On Friday no less!  We won’t pretend to be wine snobs but we are fascinated by the entire wine making process and, of course, the imbibing that follows.  On this National Wine Day, the word ‘Vintage’ takes on special meaning and we’re delighted to share the following retro ‘vine’ of images related to the glorious fermented grape juice!  

Wine Song sheet music from 1870. By Charles R. Adams, Ditson & Co., Oliver, Boston, 1879, monographic.

“The New Wine” 1900. Detroit Publishing Co., publisher

Winemaking machines in Rochon, Israel, 1920.

Wine Vault, Hermann, Gasconade County, MO, 1933

Display of grapes and wines, Georgia (Republic). 1888.

Sicilians drinking wine at a bar, 1943. Italy–Sicily. Nick Parrino, photographer

Congress of the United States at the third session, begun and held at the City of Philadelphia, an act making farther provision for the collection of the duties by law on Wines, 1791.

Baskets filled with Grapes for wine, Israel, 1920.

Bringing wine [by mule-drawn cart] to Rome from Frascati vineyards, Italy, 1904.

Sonoma County, California. Winemaster examing red wine for clarity at the winery, 1942.

Loading “gondola” R.R. cars to haul grapes to winery to make sacramental and medicinal wines, Guasti, Calif. / photographed, copyrighted and sold by Philip Brigandi, 1923.

Spanish muskrat trapper’s wife with gallon of red wine which is drunk in great quantities. Delacroix Island, Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana, 1941.

Three unidentified soldiers from the 75th New York Infantry Regiment who re-enlisted in Hancock’s First Veterans Corps drinking wine and smoking cigars in front of painted backdrop showing palm tree and tents, 1864.

Lucille Ball for Roma Wines, 1948.

We’ve worked up a thirst that only a fruity gamay beaujolais can quench so we’ll say Au revoir mon amies and have a fantastic National Wine Day Friday and weekend! 

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