“HARD CASH OR HOT LEAD?” – Asgard Press Vintage Westerns

“HARD CASH OR HOT LEAD?” – Asgard Press Vintage Westerns

DIME WESTERN MAGAZINE – The Leading Western Magazine, Jan, 1948.

Hard Cash or Hot Lead by John Jo Carpenter

Folks branded young Joey Munro a plain damned fool for shipping twelve thousand dollars of somebody else’s dinero across Texas in a cattle caboose.  But Joey reckoned the money was as good as in the bank – hell, didn’t he have a jailbird sitting sixgun guard on the gold?  

He handed the draft through the window and said, “I’m Joey Munro.  I’ll take it in hard money, or as much as I can get.  The rest in bills, please.”  The teller goggled at the size of it, stared at the kid and said, “Th-there ain’t that much hard money in the world!  Twelve thousand, seven hundred and twenty dollars!  Why don’t you just take the draft home and put it in the bank there?” – page 36.

Too Damn Many Neighbors! by Walt Coburn

The Colonel stared at the man who toted a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.  “I’m Sam Barbee, from Texas,” the Colonel snarled.  “This is the end of my trail, and I’m fixin’ to shoot you down, if you don’t stop your whinin’!  Now, take yourself and your three yellow-bellied sons, and get the hell far away.  Because you only got me outnumbered two to one.”

There was enough cow-county in the Big Sag to hold the Bradded H, Barbed B outfits and six nester spreads, but nevertheless a range war was clouding the Montana sky – and it could turn into a bad’un. – page 7.