Missing MARVEL: A Letter From Our Publisher

MISSING MARVEL…  A Letter From Our Publisher

Dear Mighty Marvel Fans,

Thank you so much for you patronage over the years!  Unfortunately it’s true, there is no Marvel 2018 calendar in our line-up this year.  Due to changes in Disney’s licensing program, we were not able to continue this passion project. We are always hopeful that things will change and we’ll have another opportunity to travel back to the Marvel Age of Comics together with you.

We are as disappointed as you are—possibly even more so—the Marvel products represented countless hours obsessing over details that were true labors of love, and that we didn’t really publicize. First and foremost, it was all about the images, and to that end, we went to great lengths to source and restore our own cover art.

Within each Marvel calendar, we included a ‘secret bonus 13th cover’ on the inside of every year’s edition, without promoting or otherwise advertising that anywhere. The only way you knew about that bonus cover is if you bought the calendar. In recent years, we included the splash pages from inside each featured month’s comic book, lightly ghosted on the date grid pages.

]Thank you again for your support!  I sincerely wish I had better news.


Pete Shin
Asgard Press