“Stay In Your LANE, Lois!” – Superman

Lois Lane Can Do EVERYTHING Superman Can Do!

SUPERMAN #57, March 1949  “The Menace of the Machine Men/Every Man a Superman/The Son of Superman” Cover Artist:  Wayne Boring

In the first of three adventures, superman faces an apparent invasion by aliens outside the city of Northville that send in a marauding army of huge robots.  In the second story (which was later revised for use in Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #28 in October 1961), the Man of Steel travels to the future and meets Lois 4XR, who may be the descendant of Lois Lane, and – like all other denizens of that time – also possesses super powers.  In the final feature, our hero adopts orphaned Tommy Barstow in an effort to bolster the boy’s self-esteem.