The Beast That Loved Supergirl!

The Beast That Loved Supergirl!

Who is this Beast of Burden?

ADVENTURE COMICS Vl.1, No.386, November 1969;  Cover Art:  Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson;  Writer:  Cary Bates;  Penciler:  Win Mortimer;  Inker: Jack Abel.

In the first of two adventures, Supergirl is plagued by an amorous monster that won’t leave her alone, but it turns out to be impish Mr. Mxyzptlk in disguise.  In the second story, Linda Danvers discovers that her doppelganger friend Cindy Frazer is being abused by her foster mother and two stepsisters.

On a trip to a dude ranch, Cindy falls for Eric Prince, while Linda takes Cindy’s place in the troubled home and deals with the bullying women.  Linda drives the evil trio out of town, while Cindy and Eric plan a future together as husband and wife.

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