Superman Vol.1, No.24, September 1943.

Superman Vol.1, No.24, September 1943.

Happy October America!

Might as well celebrate fall 2018 with the Sept-October Superman 1943 issue which features the month of July in our NEW 2019 Vintage Superman Calendar.  Confused yet?  Just roll with the Man of Steel….   

Behind this patriotic cover above, Superman indulges his thespian aspirations with Lois playing damsel in distress in a melodrama starring the Man of Steel himself.  Next, Clark and Lois are introduced to “Crackpot Lane,”  where some of the wackiest inventions to fight the war are hidden;  spies based in a sanitarium are after the crazy creations for their own nefarious use.

Then, when Superman has to appear at Lois’ surprise birthday party for Clark, he hires a double, unaware that he’s hired a criminal.  Finally, Superman must stop an Axis plot to strategically leverage the Arctic as an aerial route.

As always, many thanks for the expert commentary provided for our 2019 Vintage Superman Calendar (cover above) goes to Dr. Arnold Blumberg.  Doc is an educator, publisher, author, comic and pop culture historian, and former museum curator.  He was the editor of The Overstreet Comic Book Price guide and teaches courses in everything from comics to zombies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Find him on Twitter @DoctoroftheDead.  

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