The World Below the North Pole: The Menacing Mole Men!

The World Below the North Pole:  The Menacing Mole Men!

Welcome to another Wonder Woman Wednesday Vintage DC Fans!

WONDER WOMAN Vol.1, No.47, May 1951; Cover Art: Irv Novick; Writer: Robert Kanigher; Penciler: Harry G. Peter; Inker: Harry G. Peter

In the first of three adventures in this issue, those pesky Mole Men rear their heads again when Steve Trevor, lost at the North Pole and badly in need of rescue (as usual), uncovers an Atlantean outpost enshrouded by ice.  In the second story, an Indian totem pole that dates back 150 years poses a big mystery when one of the people represented on it is clearly none other than the Amazon Princess herself! 

And in the issue’s final feature, Wonder Woman must once again outwit her frequent nemesis, the crafty and war-mongering Duke of Deception.  A Martian ploy involving a giant funnel that connects the red planet with Washington D.C. on Earth is foiled by Diana while on a trip to the city with two members of the Junior Justice Society.  A “Wonder Women of History” feature focuses on Lady Hestor Stanhope, known as “the Queen of the Desert.”


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