It’s a Flashback Friday with…. THE FLASH!

It’s a Flashback Friday with…. THE FLASH!

The Weather Wizard Blows Up A Storm!

THE FLASH Vol.1, No.145, June 1964;  Cover Art:  Carmine Infantino;  Writer:  Gardner Fox;  Penciler:  Carmine Infantino;  Inker:  Joe Giella

In the first of two adventures, the Weather Wizard is back!  Unfortunately for him, high school science student Tommy Davis has miraculously devised a way to predict bizarre fluctuations in weather, and by extension, the latest in the malevolent Weather Wizard’s capers.  Working with Tommy, The Flash stays ahead of his foe’s plans, and although he’s temporarily immobilized by the wand-bearing weirdo, he eventually stops his enemy’s latest crime spree.

In the second story, the Scarlet Speedster gets a visit from Doralla Kon of Alkomar, a super-fast telepath from another dimension who wishes to explore Earth as a fascinated tourist.  But when random explosions seem to be connected to Doralla’s presence, The Flash and Doralla investigate, only to discover that it is Doralla herself that is inadvertently causing the concussive episodes.  Barry hopes to solve the problem in the near future and make Doralla’s next visit explosion-free

Kudos to Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg for his expert commentary above and to the talented artists and writers of DC Comics who captivated and inspired millions of readers during this magical Golden Age.  

Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg is an educator,  publisher,  author,  comic book and pop culture historian, and former museum curator.  He is the author or co-author of Zombiemania,  The Big BIG LITTLE BOOK Book,  and Howe’s Transcendental Toybox.   He was the editor of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and also wrote for Cinescape,  The International Journal of Comic Art,  Fandom,  and  He holds a doctorate in Communications Design from the University of Baltimore and teaches courses in everything from comics and superhero mythology to zombies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  You can find him on Twitter at @DoctoroftheDead