SMILE… It’s National Camera Day!!

SMILE… It’s National Camera Day!!

10 Awesome Vintage Photos of Cameras.

This is not a Sneak Peek of an upcoming 2019 Asgard press Vintage Pop Culture Photography Calendar (although it is pretty inspirational and perhaps we’ll make one for 2020), but an homage to some wonderful old-time images of cameras in honor of National Camera Day.  SMILE for the cameras and enjoy!

German Camera for aircraft use, 1915. Looks like a gun!

Mrs. Warren Harding 1921

Mr. Hislop date unknown

Levy process camera 1932

Unidentified photographers with cameras sometime between 1909 – 1923

Standard Eng. Co., VERY BIG camera

Woman in canoe, 1919

Actors and motion picture camera, 1922

Pre-game 1909

In front of the White House, 1928

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