Love is in the Air…. Superman & Lois Lane

Love is in  the Air….  Superman & Lois Lane

Love is in the Air… Superman & Lois Lane

DC Comics Volume.1, No. 7, February 1959. Featured month for May in our 2018 Vintage Superman Calendar.

Despite Lois’s career as a reporter, her portrayal throughout these early years usually reduces her to either a damsel in distress or a lovesick schoolgirl.  In the final feature in this issue, Lois battles Lana Lang — newly arrived in Metropolis from Smallville — for Superman’s affections, but most of the tension is an underhanded plot by the Man of Steel to rid himself of Lois’s ring, which is affecting his X-ray vision.  Two other stories find Lois briefly learning the truth of Superman’s dual identity and being duped into believing she has the “kiss of death.”

Many thanks to Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg for his expert commentary.  To purchase the 2018 Vintage Superman Calendar, click HERE.

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