Wonder Woman VS. Red Beard The Pirate!

Wonder Woman VS. Red Beard The Pirate!

Another Wild Wonder Woman Wednesday!

Today’s action goes back to WONDER WOMAN #20, released in November of 1946. Featured story is “Terrors of the Air” with cover art by Harry G. Peter.  Here’s the recap:  

Etta’s friend Nifty is actually an Air Pirate married to the pirate leader Redbeard and determined to steal Professor Chemico’s nuclear formula.  When Nifty conjures a Karma Monster that seizes Wonder Woman and sends them all back to Charleston Harbor in 1750, Paula von Gunther sends Steve, Etta, and the Holiday Girls to help the Amazon Princess.

Then it’s off to ancient Rome, where Diana has her final showdown with Nifty and vows to transport her to Reform Island when the villainess finally surrenders.  Lucretia Mott is featured as one of the “Wonder Women of History.”

2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar
2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar

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