Wonder Woman and the Winged Maidens of Venus.

Wonder Woman and the Winged Maidens of Venus.

Wonder Woman Wednesday is Here!

The image above appears in our 2019 Vintage Wonder Woman Calendar representing the month of February:  Wonder Woman Volume 1, No. 12, March 1945.  Cover art by Harry G. Peter (Penciler and Inker also). Writer: Joye Murchison. It’s a three-part adventure to the planet Venus in this action-packed issue, when that world’s Queen Desira grants Wonder Woman the power of “magnetic hearing.”  Using her newfound skill, the Amazon uncovers a horrific plot to initiate a Third World War, spearheaded by a group led by schemers Pierre Finati and Bird Boswell.

Later, the heroine must follow a captured member of the Holliday Girls back to Venus, where the evil Velma tries to subjugate Wonder Woman and then invites gangsters to invade and conquer her planet.  Helen Keller is profiled as one of the “Wonder Women of History.”

Many thanks for the expert commentary provided for our 2019 Vintage Wonder Woman Calendar (cover below) goes to Dr. Arnold Blumberg.  Doc is an educator, publisher, author, comic and pop culture historian, and former museum curator.  He was the editor of The Overstreet Comic Book Price guide and teaches courses in everything from comics to zombies to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Find him on Twitter @DoctoroftheDead.  

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