National Lager Day!

National Lager Day!

Vintage Beer Anyone?

Even though we’re super excited about all of the NEW and amazing Pop Culture Titles w’eve got for 2019, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year, right?  And with today being National Lager Day, the thought of doing a Vintage Beer Calendar came straight into my brain as naturally as a Stella Artois goes down the gully!  Let’s take a quick look at what a future Vintage Beer Calendar might look like – a Full 12 Pack of Ice Cold lager loveliness!

Print shows a scene at the North Pole where polar bears are enjoying mugs of lager beer, with a trompe-lœil effect showing overheated people, with fans and sunshades, and one man reaching into the scene for a frosty “fresh and cold” mug of lager beer offered to him by a polar bear. Contributor: A. Hoen & Co. Date: 1877

H. & J. lager beer. Joseph Jefferson as Rip Van Winkle seated on keg being pulled by goats with satyrs on either side. Contributor Names Drummond, Dominick I., approximately 1830-1899.

Val. Blatz’s premium export, Milwaukee lager beer. Print of advertisement for Val. Blatz’s Milwaukee Lager Beer showing a brewer raising a glass of beer, and a bird’s-eye view of the brewery. Wittemann Brothers, 1879.

Print shows a broadside advertisement of a young woman serving beer to two well-dressed men seated at a table in a garden-like setting with a picture of the U.S. Capitol in the background. They raise their glasses as though in a toast; the waitress is setting a third glass on the table.
Date: 1888

Acme Beer, 1914

People drinking lager beer.
Date: 1879

Print of advertisement for the F. Heim & Bro. Brewing Company showing a man holding up a glass of beer, and a bird’s-eye view of the brewery. Contributor: Wittemann Brothers. Date: 1880

What a perfect name for a Vintage Beer. OLD STYLE. 1950’s.

Australian for Beer, mate.

Just got LUCKY.

Didn’t make the cut for our Vintage Japanese Prints calendar but will do fine here!

A post with a nice finish…. Got any ideas for a vintage Pop-Culture Calendar you’d like to see?  Drop us a line and maybe we’ll take it up for consideration.  Until then, enjoy your National Lager Day!!

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