Caped Crusader Christmas Comics Cover!

Caped Crusader Christmas Comics Cover!

Christmas with Batman & Robin!

During the 1940’s, DC Comics produced many very memorable Christmas covers on titles such as Batman, Action Comics, Comic Cavalcade, Sensation Comics, Adventure Comics and others.  These covers often featured the heroes in festive scenes with Santa Claus, Christmas Trees and delivering gifts to children.  Today, these Christmas covers have become very collectible.  Unfortunately, the tradition of the annual Christmas covers on many of the popular DC Comics magazines did not generally continue past the 1940’s.

Imagine the delight of these children when the life size Jack in the Box Batman and Robin shown on the cover of Batman #45 popped out to deliver their presents (top image)!  Not only is this a holiday themed cover, but one of the stories has a Christmas theme; “A Parole for Christmas!” as written by the great Bill Finger.

2019 Vintage Batman Calendar

Expert commentary provided by our good friend and comics expert, Bill Jourdain.  Thanks Bill!  And since we’re on the subject of Christmas, we suggest a purchase the 2019 Vintage Batman Calendar in which this story appears simply by clicking HERE.  The Perfect stocking stuffer!  Stay tuned for more Vintage DC Comics Christmas cover posts featuring Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Superman and more leading up to December 25th!

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