The Cat wants to play. Don’t fall for it Batman!!

The Cat wants to play.  Don’t fall for it Batman!!

Batman and Robin Skating on Thin Ice thanks to CATWOMAN!

BATMAN Vol.1, No.39, February 1947; Cover Art: Jack Burnley, Charles Paris, Ira Schnapp;  Writer: Bill Finger;  Penciler: Bob Kane;  Inker:  Ray Burnley

Batman and Robin seemed to be on thin ice many times in the Golden Age, with many of their most harrowing adventures involving Catwoman.  Selina Kyle aka The Cat or Catwoman, first arrived on the scene in the pages of Batman #1 in the Spring of 1940.  From the start, Batman was very enamored with the villainess and sometimes let her escape, despite her brazen crimes. 

In all the Golden Age Catwoman stories, Selina was smart, a skilled athlete and very cunning, making her almost an even match for our hero.  This dynamic has resulted in a complicated relationship that has evolved into a love affair over the years.  Catwoman remains one of the most important and popular figures in the Batman Family.

Expert commentary above provided by our good friend and comics expert, Bill Jourdain.  Thanks Bill!