“When the Sea Dies!” Can Aquaman save our Oceans?!

“When the Sea Dies!” Can Aquaman save our Oceans?!

Aquaman #37, January 1968. Cover Artist: Nick Cardy.

“Suffering Sea Snakes,” it’s a nightmare scenario for the Aqua-Family as Aquababy is abducted by Ocean Master, Aquaman’s amnesiac half-brother.  Things get even worse when the Scavenger attacks as well, seeking the the mysterious extraterrestrial device known as the Time Decelerator. 

The two Aqua-foes battle each other for supremacy and the right to obtain the alien machine for their own nefarious purposes, with Aquaman and his family caught in the middle.  Eventually, the Scavenger succeeds in seizing the Time Decelerator, only to fall victim to its temporal effects, regressing in age until he vanishes entirely. “HOLY HAGFISH!”  

2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar

2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar

The Aquaman excerpt you’ve just read is featured in our 2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar (pictured above).  Where in the entire Universe could you find the likes of Aquaman, Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, The Justice League of America, The Flash, and The Green Lantern all in one condensed Charismatic, Caped crusading, Courageous, Captivating, Clairvoyant, Cool, Crafty, Colorful, Compassionate, Comprehensive, Crowd pleasing, Crispy New Vintage Comic Book Desktop Calendar?  Well yes, we’ve found them again for you and you can rediscover the lasting legacy of your favorite DC Comics heroes and villains richly restored and faithfully reproduced comic book covers in the Asgard Press 2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar.  Asgard Press DC Comics commentary provided by comic collecting experts, Bill Jourdain and Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg.

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