It’s the Asgard Press Interview with Katie McKamey, West Chester University Cheerleader.

Since Asgard Press collegiate calendars contained many images of vintage cheerleaders within, and the College Cheerleading Nationals begin today through Sunday in Orlando, Florida, I thought it would be a perfect time to interview a real live cheerleader who’ll be participating in the competition.  Her name is Katie McKamey from West Chester University and she’s probably warming up right now!  We had the chance to speak with her beforehand….

Andy/Asgard:  Was there any specific event, moment, or person that got you interested in cheerleading and can you tell us about it and how long you’ve been cheering?

Katie: I started cheering when I was about 7 years old, after spending a few years trying out gymnastics. I started at KMC Gymnastics, where the local competitive cheerleading team would also practice. After seeing the older cheerleaders practice a few times, I knew that was what I wanted to do. I’ve now been cheering going on 13 years!

Andy/Asgard:  Wow – that’s a long time!  What are some of the differences between traditional sideline cheerleading and the competition style and do you have a style you prefer/enjoy more?

Katie:  Both competitive cheer and sideline cheer have special qualities that make them a lot of fun.  All star (competitive) cheerleading is fast-paced and extremely rewarding. What I love about sideline cheer, however, is that it is all about game day! Everything we do is to get the crowd riled up and cheer on our home team! It evokes so much school spirit and pride, and it’s the perfect way to be positively involved with your school.

Andy/Asgard:  Yeah, the Gameday cheering seems like it would be more fun.  Give us 2 or 3 of the most memorable experiences you’ve had through cheering – be it cheering in front of thousands of people or doing a small charity event – anything at all…

Katie:  During all star cheer, I was lucky enough to compete at Worlds when I was 13 years old. That still is one of the most memorable experiences of my cheerleading career since it is one of the largest and most prestigious competitions. Now being on WCU’s sideline team, we are always participating in community service events like making lunches for the homeless population and volunteering at events for children in the foster system. These events bring us closer to our community and as a team and I will always cherish those memories!

Andy/Asgard:  So great that you get to travel the world and help the community – kudos!  Any thoughts about coaching or a career in Cheerleading?

Katie:  I coached a CYO school cheerleading team for 3 years in high school and it was a very rewarding position. Although challenging, it is great to be able to watch the girls grow in their skills and in their confidence as young athletes. I would love to coach a high school or middle school team in my free time after graduating in 2020.

Andy:  Our money is on you Katie!  Best of luck in the competition and we’ll be watching!