A Note from the Publisher: Onward and Upward!

A Note from the Publisher: Onward and Upward!

From the Desk of the Publisher
Pete Shin

Dear Time Travelers,

Another calendar season has come and gone, but here at Asgard Press we’re moving onward and upward!

Last year, we dramatically expanded our Pop Culture calendar titles and many customers found something new to love. For the 2023 season, we are offering 50 calendar titles, including 13 brand new titles, with original content you won’t find anywhere else! Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the vintage, retro, pop culture, comic and history-themed calendars you’ll see at Asgard Press, now available in our Shop:

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

We know there’s nothing better than sharing nostalgic stories with a dear, old friend. We are rich because of such relationships, which no amount of money can buy. Sometimes, however, some relationships run their course and though they were beautiful while they lasted, the time comes when we must say goodbye.

With that in mind, and with a heavy heart, we decided last year that it was time to part ways with some of those dear old friends in DC Comics and College Football. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this has been a ride of a lifetime for us here at Asgard Press, but there’s only a limited amount of quality vintage artwork, and we felt the time had come.

We know our loyal fans will miss our yearly offerings of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash; we know you’ll miss the annual opportunity to relive the good old days of your favorite college teams. We will, too. But just as one door closes, another opens, and we hope you will be just as excited about our new titles as we are.

Thank you, loyal time travelers, for taking this vintage journey with us through the Golden Age of DC Comics and College Football. We can’t wait to continue onward and upward with you!

Pete Shin
Publisher, Asgard Press