Reuse a Calendar in Future Years – Frugal and Sustainable

Reuse a Calendar in Future Years – Frugal and Sustainable

These days, it seems like everyone is trying to save money. Clipping coupons and looking for deals are some go-to ways to keep more money in your pockets, but one of the best ways is to reuse something you already own. With a little effort, you can repurpose furniture, cardboard boxes, and other household items to organize your home. Utilizing vintage items you already own not only saves you from buying new, it also adds a trendy decorative touch to your space. One little-known used or vintage item that can be reused is a calendar — that’s right, that paper wall or desk calendar that you normally throw away at the end of the year can actually be reused in other years. Here’s how to reuse a calendar.

Calendar Years Repeat Themselves

Years that share the same amount of days and that start on the same day of the week will have the same monthly calendar grids. There are only 14 possible calendar grid patterns. Most calendar years will repeat themselves every 6, 11, or 28 years. For example, this little gem of a postcard calendar from 2006 can also be used next year, in 2023. The last time it was able to be reused was in 2017, and after next year, if we store it in a safe place, we can use it again in 2034. Leap years have the longest amount of time before reuse is possible, averaging 28 years between repeating calendar grids.

Front cover of the Delaware Postcard Calendar from 2006
The Delaware Postcard Calendar, 2006.

This Asgard Press large format wall calendar from 2016 features poster prints of American parks and destinations, but it won’t be reusable until 2044 because it is a leap year calendar. The poster art alone made this one worth saving.

Front cover of 2016 Vintage America calendar
Vintage America Calendar, 2016.

This Marvel Comics desktop calendar from 2014 can be used again in 2025, which isn’t too far away. The removeable postcards, however, can be used anytime.

Front cover of the 2014 Vintage Marvel Comics Postcard Calendar
The Vintage Marvel Comics Postcard Calendar, 2014.

This 2019 Vintage Alabama calendar, one of the last college football titles Asgard Press produced, can’t be used again until 2030, but if you’re a true Alabama fan, you might already be saving it.

Front cover of 2019 Vintage Alabama calendar
The Vintage Alabama Football Calendar, 2019.

Finally, this lovely 2021 Vintage Botanicals calendar can be reused in 2027 so if you love the images, hang on to it!

Front cover of the 2021 Vintage Botanicals calendar
Vintage Botanicals Calendar, 2021.
Calculate When You Can Reuse a Calendar

If you’d like to be able to calculate which years (starting in 2000) your old calendars will repeat, here’s the formula:

  1. Take the calendar year and divide by 4 (for example, 2022 divided by 4 is 505 with a remainder of 2). After dividing the year by 4, take note of the remainder.
  2. If the remainder is 0, then add 28 to the original year to get the next year your calendar can be used (these are leap years).
  3. If the remainder is 2 or 3, add 11 to the original year to see when that calendar can be used again.
  4. If the remainder is 1, then add 6 years to your original year and that’s when you can use that calendar again.

There are a few exceptions to this formula. The 90s decade of any century that does not end in a leap year will have calendars that repeat every 6 or 12 years. Leap year calendars in the 70s and 80s decades of a century repeat after 40 years if the century ends in a non-leap year. Sound confusing? If you’ve got a calendar dated prior to 2000, you can use the Time and Date website to quickly find out when you can reuse that calendar.

It’s important to note, however, that although a calendar year’s grid may repeat in another year, the holidays will likely move around a bit. If you do reuse an old calendar, consult a current calendar online or elsewhere to write in the updated holidays.

An Even Better Way to Reuse a Calendar

There’s an even better way to reuse a calendar that doesn’t require waiting. In Asgard Press calendars, every monthly image is perforated so you can easily remove it from the calendar as a print, and every print is sized to fit standard frames. Asgard Press calendars have been designed this way from the very beginning, so if you come across an old one, those images will fit standard frames as well. You can reuse your calendars as year-round wall décor and get a calendar plus 13 art-quality prints for one price.

If after all that, you still want a brand-new calendar, Asgard Press has you covered with 34 titles for 2024. You can see all of them here. And if you’re still into saving money, check out our volume discounts and free gifts with purchase. You can get more information about those here. After you buy that new 2024 calendar, hang onto it because someone will be able to use it again in 2052!