Look Superboy, We’ve Shrunk the Kids!

Look Superboy, We’ve Shrunk the Kids!

Dream Girl gives Superboy a sinking (Shrinking!) feeling.

ADVENTURE COMICS Vol.1,  No.317,  February 1964;  Cover Art:  Curt Swan,  George Klein;  Writer:  Edmond Hamilton;  Penciler:  John Forte;  Inker:  John Forte


Dream Girl joins the Legion,  using her irresistible allure to sway the male members of the team.  She then proceeds to manipulate events to get several of her fellow Legionnaires suspended from duty,  including taking them to a planet where they age backward to infancy.  Although her motives seem malevolent,  it’s a plan to save the Legion from a horrible rocket accident that Dream Girl envisioned happening in the near future.


Everyone survives,  the vision turns out to have involved robot doubles,  and Lightning Lass is renamed Light Lass when she gains new density powers.  In a solo Superboy story originally presented in Superboy #61 (December 1957)  and riffing on the film, The Incredible Shrinking Man,  tiny extraterrestrials bring the Boy of Steel down to their level in order to obtain his help in freeing their spaceship from a huge boulder,  which is actually just a single grain of sand!

Kudos to Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg for his expert commentary above and to the talented artists and writers of DC Comics who captivated and inspired millions of readers during this magical Golden Age. 

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