Hawkman History 101

Hawkman History 101

Hawkman History 101

A charter member of the Justice Society of America, Hawkman was first introduced in the pages of Flash Comics #1 (January, 1940).  He is shown above on the cover of Flash Comics #15He was a popular character, and alternated covers with the title’s namesake, The Flash.  He appeared regularly with the JSA in the pages of All Star Comics, and was the group’s chairman until the title ceased publication in 1951.  His alter-ego was Carter Hall, an archeologist, and he used “Nth metal” to fly his guise of Hawkman.

In 1961, when DC Comics was reviving some of their superheroes, a new version of Hawkman was introduced in the pages of The Brave and the Bold #34 (Feb-March, 1961).  This Hawkman was known as Katar Hol, and hailed from the planet Thanagar.  Along with his wife, Shayera, they adopted the identities of Carter and Shiera Hall and settled down in Midway City to be curators of a museum and fight crime in the alter egos.  This incarnation of Hawkman was a member of the Justice League of America.  Shiera assumed the identity of Hawkgirl and fought crime alongside her husband.  Despite his long tenure with DC Comics, Hawkman never enjoyed his own title until May, 1964.

Expert commentary provided by our good friend and comics expert, Bill Jourdain.   Thanks Bill!  If you are interested in purchasing the 2018 Vintage DC Comics Calendar in which this story appears, simply click HERE.

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