Vintage Westerns Wednesday

Vintage Westerns Wednesday

Texas Rangers – A Thrilling Publication, July 1948.

Riders of the Dead Star Trail by Jackson Cole.

Like a vast fortress hewed from a single block of stone, Perdida Mountain glowed in the white fire of the moon.  In this mighty shadow, curving around its spreading base, ran that old and mysterious trail once trod by Coronado and the iron men of Spain, and immeasurably ancient when the Spaniard first set mailed foot on the soil of Texas.  “The Dead Star Trail”, came the name from the people of the Aztec, but not of the Aztecs.  Born, it was said, in the mouths of the strange and mystic folk who were before the Aztecs in the land.  From them came the weird legend of the making of the trail. – p.9

The Confidential Ranger by Raymond S. Spears

Captain Temple Harkin looked at the slim, hard-faced rider who had come to the Ranger camp at Lost Ford bottoms on the Red River.  The captain recognized the youngster.  A few years before, down at Lamar Crossing, a man by the name of Topane had been killed.  This was his son Rindale Topane.  Rindy hadn’t been hard or mean, or rough when his father, a deputy sheriff trying to do his duty, had been shot down by one of the Indian Territory outlaw bands.  A boy orphaned by bullets – no wonder he grew up ambitious to be a Texas Ranger!  There he stood, gray-eyed, square-shouldered, probably one thirty-five lbs. on the hoof. – p. 87

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