Inside the Program trivia contest WINNER revealed!  Was it you?

Inside the Program trivia contest WINNER revealed! Was it you?

That wasn’t so hard was it?

At least it wasn’t for Mike Monda, the winner of our Inside the Program Trivia Contest from last week.  Mike answered all 5 questions correctly.  Congrats Mike and thanks to every one who participated.   Below you will find the questions from the contest with the correct answers in red.  We have another contest coming up later today so stay tuned.

A)  Before he was known as “The Galloping Ghost,”  Illinois football legend Red Grange was known as “The Wheaton Ice Man,” due to the fact that he worked on ice trucks during the summers to stay in shape for football season.  What sports writer was responsible for giving Grange the Galloping Ghost name?  WARREN BROWN Many had credited legendary sportswriter Grantland Rice (pictured below) with this, but it was in fact Brown who also gave Babe Ruth the “Sultan of Swat,” nickname and was a close friend and biographer of Knute Rockne.

“There are shapes now moving, Two Ghosts that drift and glide, And which of them to tackle, Each rival must decide. They shift with spectral swiftness, Across the swarded range, And one of them’s a shadow, And one of them is Grange” – Grantland Rice

B)  Walter Camp invented the line of scrimmage and presented the country with the very first College Football All American team.  These were just a few of his many, many contributions he gave to the sport.  For this reason he is known as the FATHER OF AMERICAN FOOTBALL.

1904 Spalding Football guide edited by Walter Camp.

C)  The very first College Football game was played in 1869.  Who were the 2 schools that participated?  RUTGERS VS. NEW JERSEY (Princeton)

Program celebrating centennial of 1869 Rutgers-Princeton.

D)   Pop Warner Played football in the Ivy League for Cornell University.  He was the very first Head Football Coach for what school?  UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA

Pop Warner as a player at Cornell, 1894.

E)  One of the most celebrated games in College Football history was when the All-Americans faced off against the reigning NFL Champions in an exhibition pre-season game every year in Chicago starting in 1934.  Could you imagine them doing this today?  What was the final year this game took place and who was the team representing the NFL?  1976 – PITTSBURGH STEELERS

Ohio State 2-time Heisman Winner Archie Griffin vs. the Steelers in 1976.

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