#TBT CONTEST: Win Asgard Press Products! Which Cat is that?

#TBT CONTEST: Win Asgard Press Products! Which Cat is that?

Who’s ready to earn the Coolest Cat in Town Crown?  The person who can guess the most mascot images correctly in the image below will not only earn that moniker for a lifetime, but they’ll also win 2 Vintage College Football Calendars of their choice. Here’s a hint:  It may serve you well to purrr-sue the Asgardpress.com website in depth if you find yourself scratching and clawing your head to figure who these cats are (All images come from our products within).  Place your guesses in the comment section at the end of the post and we’ll announce the winner next week right here on the blog.  In case of a tie, we’ll randomly pick the winner.  And there’s more….. BONUS:  Any person who can guess all 11 correctly will receive a coupon code for 50% OFF their next purchase on Asgardpress.com along with the regular prize.  Enough of my yackin’, GO-Go-GO-and-GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Bob Jaye
    Sep 13, 2017

    A. Auburn, B. Northwestern, C. Kentucky, D. Pittsburgh, E. Houston (seriously Andy, what the heck is that?), F. Kansas State, G. Missouri, H. Louisiana State, I. Clemson, J. Penn State, K. Washington State

    • Andy Hyman
      Sep 13, 2017

      HAHA! Always trying to trip you up Bob! Winners announced by Friday…. Thanks for participating. #GoDawgs

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