Dirt in the Skirt!

Dirt in the Skirt!

Women In Baseball Day!

Today is National Women In Baseball Day so we’re going to post some Vintage All-American Girls Professional Baseball League images in their honor.

Gotta do your calisthenics if you want to perform at your best!

Grand Rapids Chicks Game Program Cover, 1940s

Telling the ump he can stuff it!

Muskegon Lassie yearbook, 1947.

Elise Harney, pitcher for the Kenosha Comets, refreshes her makeup between innings as teammate Janice O’Hara and another player look on. The women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League were required to look their best whether on or off the field, and received “charm school” training to teach them how to maintain that feminine look.

1947 All-Star team collage.

Grand Rapids Chicks Program, 1953

Rockford Peaches getting Coached up.

1953 Autographed Rockford Peaches Schedule

Dirt in the skirt!

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