Collegiate Clip Art – It’s in the Details..

Collegiate Clip Art – It’s in the Details..

Counting Clips.

There are many reasons why people are drawn (no pun intended) to Vintage Asgard Press Collegiate Football Calendars.  The fans fervent following of their beloved school is highest on the list no doubt, but many also find the classic program cover illustrations and drawings dating back to the 1920’s another major reason.  If you search deeper inside our calendars, you’ll also find vintage clip art in the corners of every page. “It’s in the details” as they say and that’s what were focusing on today.  Scroll down and enjoy several images pulled directly from advertisements and stories featured in vintage programs of yesteryear.   

Vintage equipment managers – no time to tailgate!

Now Sing Along!! Glory, Glory, to old…..


Hurry up – we’re gonna be late!

Future All-Americans.

Now that’s a stiff arm!

Next time, no scalping tickets!


Run like the wind!

Get your red hots – get your red hots here!


Talk to the hand!

Be prepared!

Football Flirtin’

Like what you see?  You can find these images and more in our Collegiate Football Calendars HERE.

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