Journal Books JUST $10!!!

Journal Books JUST $10!!!

Select Collegiate & Pop Culture Jounal Books $10 for a limited time!

Don’t you think it’s about time to check out from the digital world for a moment and get in touch with yourself the old-fashioned way – BY WRITING!  Perhaps your loved ones or friends would appreciate being reminded of a bygone era before cell phones and computers put our brains into information overload-overdrive.  Get comfortable, chill, and just journal……

For a limited time, select Asgard Press Vintage College Football & Pop Culture Journal Books are just $10.  These stunning keepsakes feature 286 numbered and antiqued pages with gilded edges on 100% recycled pages throughout.  Click through to search your team or Pop Culture favorites for more details right HERE.

Are you the type of person that loves the look and feel of quality?  If you are, then we really think you’ll love our casebound journal books.  The moment you hold one of them in your hands, you’ll instantly sense that slightly heavy feeling of something that is absolutely solid, yet elegant and classic at the same time.  The gilded edges, antiqued pages, and scarlet red bookmark ribbon, give that air and sense of history reminiscent of books found on the shelves and stacks of historically famous and private home libraries alike.  The Plated and Foil stamped logos complete the experience, and when your favorite College team or Superhero logo is on the cover, the joy of writing in your journal will take on an extra special meaning.  

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