Don’t Get Left Behind…

Don’t Get Left Behind…

Order your 2019 Vintage Westerns Calendar today!

Saddle up, partners and ride on into the heart of American Mythology to a time and place where frontier life was hard but much less complicated; Where courage, character, and honor were the badges worn by intrepid men and women; and good (almost) always triumphed over evil.  Welcome to the wild, wild world of Pulp Westerns. Giddyup and get yourself a 2019 Vintage Westerns Calendar!

The 2019 Vintage Westerns Calendar features archival-quality images of classic Western magazines and book covers from the early 1900’s – 1950’s. These eco-friendly calendars are made using sustainable materials from cover to cover. The large format 9×13 inch wire-bound wall calendar opens to 9×26 inches. Each month’s image is perforated and easily removable to fit any standard 9×12 inch frame.  ORDER HERE

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