Introducing our Innovative 2-Panel Calendar Set!

Introducing our Innovative 2-Panel Calendar Set!

2- Panel Calendar Sets Featured in Vintage Maps and others…

That’s right, we are thrilled to bring you the latest feature to our vintage calendars which offer the unique option to perforate, accentuate, and decorate every month of the year!  In unison with the addition of new pop culture titles to our line up of 2019 calendars, we are proud to introduce the 2 – Panel Calendar set.  Now you can spread one image split into two months going across to make one unique looking horizontal wall decoration.  Our example for today is from our new Vintage Maps collection.

The two images of the World’s Fair of St. Louis, 1904, shown above side by side are pictured in the den of your very own Asgard Press Blogger, Andy.  You can find another 2-Panel set in our Vintage Trains & Stations Calendar.  Would you believe we have 3-Panel sets too?   We’ll tell you more about those next week…. To  purchase the 2019 Vintage Maps Calendar, simply click on the image below.. Vintage Maps

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