Sneak Peek: 2022 Vintage Pinball

Sneak Peek: 2022 Vintage Pinball

Who remembers spending their weekends at the old arcade, flipping and tilting their way through their favorite pinball machines? Does anyone else remember the low, booming voice coming from the machine saying, “El Dorado”? Inspired by billiards and bowling, pinball evolved from wooden tabletop games using sticks and skittles to the games we know today, electrified in the 1930s, and experienced a heyday from then until the 1970s. New pinball machines are still produced today, but in much smaller numbers, and often find their way into the hands of collectors.

Traditional pinball machines feature colorful and dynamic artwork that integrates with the game on the playfield and covers the cabinet and backbox. Each game is themed, with the art working within that theme. We’ve photographed a selection of vintage pinball machines and present them and their artwork in our 2022 Vintage Pinball Calendar. You can see a sneak peek below:

2022 Vintage Pinball Calendar

Asgard Press 2022 Vintage Pinball Calendar

Flip and tilt your way through the year with the Asgard Press 2022 Vintage Pinball Calendar, a gallery of photos of classic pinball machines from the 1950’s – 1970’s. Each month features a different pinball machine, showcasing the backglass and playfield, and includes information about each game. Our large format 9×13 inch wire-bound wall calendar opens to 9×26 inches. Each month’s image is perforated and easily removable to fit any standard 9×12 inch frame and is perfect for home, office or classroom. Take a look inside:

The 2022 Vintage Pinball Calendar is in stock in limited quantities, with full stock available 10/7/21.

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