PLAY BALL!  New Vintage DC Prints at FEDEX

PLAY BALL! New Vintage DC Prints at FEDEX

Prints that go POW!

Andy here for Asgard Press with some exciting news!  Coinciding with the opening week of Major League Basebal last month, Asgard Press has been offering 24 brand new Vintage DC Comics Prints available at participating FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers nationwide.  These dazzling two dozen Asgard Press prints are rich in the distinctive colors and illustration style of the golden age era of comics that you are accustomed to, and you’ll want to snag them while supplies last.

While all 24 of these prints are unique and exciting in every way, I’ve got my favorites and I’m going to share them with you.  With out any further adieu, here’s a sneak peek at my TOP TEN favorite Vintage DC Comics prints.

10. March Madness is long gone but I still had to get my tip in before the buzzer.

9. Superman a strong dude.

8. Did you see the trailer for the movie?! Only 6 months away!

7. Wonder Woman isn’t the only Super Girl in the Universe!

6. Captain Marvel giving Superman a run for his money in the bending steel department.

5. No one can limbo like the Green Lantern.

4. Hit the bricks pal!

3. There are many questions as to why I chose this as my No. 3.

2. I love sports. I especially love seeing the caped crusaders at home plate with Superman umpiring. PLAY BALL!


1. Told you I love sports. Especially football. And Asgard Press has lots of College Football stuff. Go Get you some says No. 1!

Hope you enjoyed that sneak peek and remember that our prints are 11″ X 14″ frame-ready, eco-friendly, printed on FSC-certified paper with soy-based inks.  Also remember to head to your nearest FedEx Office Print & Ship Center to check out the entire collection!

(302) 295-8992


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  1. Michael T
    Sep 3, 2017

    Is there a full list posted anywhere?


    • Andy Hyman
      Sep 3, 2017

      Hi Michael – Standby and I will have the list for you when we return from Labor Day weekend! Thanks –


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