It’s Draft Day!

It’s Draft Day!

Ten #1 Picks and the Colleges they went to…

The NFL began plucking the best players College Football had to offer going back to the first draft in 1936.  The Philadelphia Eagles chose the first Heisman Trophy winner in history, Jay Berwanger, out of the University of Chicago as the overall #1 pick.  Draft Day has become one of the most highly anticipated days of the year for football fans and this year is no different.  To get you in the mood for the festivities, Asgard Press threw some darts at the all-time list of overall #1 draft choices and posted some old pics of those along with the Collegiate Calendars of the school they attended.  Hope you like them and enjoy the draft!

  1. Billy Simms, Oklahoma Sooners, 1980 (Detroit Lions)

2020 Vintage Oklahoma Sooners Football Calendar

2.  Terry Baker, Oregon State Beavers,1963 (Los Angeles Rams)

2020 Vintage Oregon State Beavers Football Calendar

3.  Tom Harmon, Michigan Wolverines, 1941 (Chicago bears)

2020 Vintage Michigan Wolverines Football Calendar

4.  George Shaw, Oregon Ducks, 1955 (Baltimore Colts)

2020 Vintage Oregon Ducks Football Calendar

5.  Steve Bartkowski, California Golden Bears, 1975 (Atlanta Falcons)

2020 Vintage California Golden Bears Football Calendar

6.  George Rogers, South Carolina Gamecocks, 1981 (New Orleans Saints)

2020 Vintage South Carolina Gamecocks Football Calendar

7.  Paul Hornung, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 1957 (Green Bay Packers)

2020 Vintage Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Calendar

8.  Joe Namath, Alabama Crimson Tide, 1965 (New York Jets, AFL #1 overall)

2020 Vintage Alabama Crimson Tide Football Calendar

9.  Michael Vick, Virginia Tech Hokies, 2001 (Atlanta Falcons)

2020 Vintage Virginia Tech Hokies Football Calendar

10.  Frank Sinkwich, Georgia Bulldogs, 1943 (Detroit Lions)

2020 Vintage Georgia Bulldogs Football Calendar

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