Inside the Program trivia contest.  WIN a College Football Calendar!

Inside the Program trivia contest. WIN a College Football Calendar!

Inside the Program trivia contest: WIN a College Football Calendar!

The Bible for College Football Program lovers!

Bringing you the quality vintage College Football program calendars you are accustomed to is what makes working at Asgard Press a real pleasure.  We love what we do.  We love College football and we especially love having the opportunity to share the rich history of the sport through the vibrant art of these souvenir programs.  Today we want to share even more by giving you a chance at winning a Vintage College Football Calendar of your choice.  Here’s the scoop…

We’ve scoured the pages of Inside the Program – A History of College Football in search of some good ‘ol trivia and we definitely found what were looking for. Answer the 5 questions below in the comment section at the end of the post.   The person who answers the most questions correctly wins the calendar.  In case of a tie we’ll choose the lucky winner randomly and announce that person along with the correct answers next week here on the blog.  Let’s see what you got!!

A)  Before he was known as “The Galloping Ghost,”  Illinois football legend Red Grange was known as “The Wheaton Ice Man,” due to the fact that he worked on ice trucks during the summers to stay in shape for football season.  What sports writer was responsible for giving Grange the Galloping Ghost name?

The Galloping Ghost.

B)  Walter Camp invented the line of scrimmage and presented the country with the very first College Football All American team.  These were just a few of his many, many contributions he gave to the sport.  For this reason he is known as the (Fill in the blank) _________________________________________________.

Walter Camp on the Yale squad, 1876 program.

C)  The very first College Football game was played in 1869.  Who were the 2 schools that participated?

Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry but not the first game….

D)   Pop Warner played football in the Ivy League for Cornell University.  He was the very first Head Football Coach for what school?

Dress up time! Cornell vs. Penn, 1923

E)  One of the most celebrated games in College Football history was when the All-Americans faced off against the reigning NFL Champions in an exhibition pre-season game every year in Chicago starting in 1934.  Could you imagine them doing this today?  What was the final year this game took place and who was the team representing the NFL?

College All Stars vs. Green Bay Packers, 1937.

Thanks to Edson A. Bearg and Thomas Rudebusch, the authors of Inside the Program, for collaborating on their fantastic 2-Volume set on the history of College Football programs and letting us use the fun facts for our contest.  You can purchase on Amazon here.  Be sure to stay tuned and check the blog and our Facebook page next week for the winner of our contest!

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Comments (4)

  1. Andy Hyman
    Sep 21, 2017

    Hey Mike! You’re our winner! Just go to the shopping section and pick a 2018 Calendar OR Journal book of your choice and email me at andy@asgardpress.com with your choice and where to mail it. CONGRATS!


  2. Roger Miller
    Sep 15, 2017

    A) Warren Brown
    B)Father of American Football
    C)Rugers vs Princeton
    D) Carlisle
    E) 1976

    • Roger Miller
      Sep 15, 2017

      Last All -Star Football game was played in 1976 and the Pittsburgh Steelers represented the NFL.

  3. Mike Monda
    Sep 14, 2017

    * Warren Brown
    * Father of American Football
    * Rutgers v. Princeton
    * Georgia
    * 1976 – Steelers

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