Earn 40% for your group with easy, painless fundraising from Asgard Press Partners.


Raise funds for your school, club or group through online sales of our fun and frameable vintage, retro, and pop culture-themed calendars.

The Asgard Press Partners Program is the EASIEST fundraiser you’ll ever join. Simply sign up, promote your unique link to your fundraising page on our site, and earn 40% of the sales made through your page. The Program is open-ended, so you can join anytime and earn anytime, making it the perfect addition to your fundraising efforts. You don’t have to fill out any order forms, collect any money, or distribute any product. We do it all for you! All you have to do is promote your page!

Your fundraising link will take customers to your own page on our online shop, where they can purchase super-cool vintage, retro, and pop culture-themed calendars, shipped directly to their homes. You earn 40% of all sales made through your page! All of your earnings are conveniently transferred to you via PayPal at regular intervals.

Our vintage and retro titles are an easy sell, with something to interest everyone. Many of our 2023 calendars are ideal for an educational setting. And they all make great gifts! All of our calendars’ vintage images are carefully restored and sized for standard 11″x14″ frames, so you can enjoy them year-round. Check out our new 2023 calendar titles, available now:

Ready to learn more about our easy, painless fundraising?

Download our 2023 calendar catalog for more information about our fun and frameable vintage and retro titles.

Visit our Partner Program informational area for an in-depth overview and walkthrough.

Register for the Asgard Press Partners Program and start fundraising today!

Let’s do some math and see how much you could earn for your group.

Our vintage and retro calendar titles retail for $24.95 each. You earn 40% of all sales made through your page, so your earnings on one calendar are $9.98. If your group has 20 members, and each member sells just 8 calendars, your group earns over $1500! Best of all, you earn funds without filling out forms, collecting money or distributing purchased products. You promote, your supporters order, and we do all the rest!

And there’s even more perks…

Promoting your fundraising page isn’t the only way to earn funds with Asgard Press Partners. If you know other groups, clubs or organizations who are looking for fundraising options, refer them to us! For each group you refer that signs up with Asgard Press Partners, we will deposit $50 into your group’s fundraising account. It’s that easy!

Need more information?

For more information about the Asgard Press Partners Program, please visit our Overview area where you will find a detailed explanation of our fundraising program, informational videos, and a walkthrough of the Partners member dashboard. If you would like to contact a team member about your fundraising needs, please visit our Contact Us page.

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