Monday Morning Quarterback Says….

Monday Morning Quarterback Says….

39 Days Until College Colors Day!

You know the day, right?  It’s the Friday before the first weekend of College Football games where fans of all ages are encouraged to wear shirts, hats, jerseys, socks, ANYTHING featuring their favorite teams.  Students, alumni, and rabid college football fans everywhere have been honoring the tradition since it began 14 years ago.  While Asgard Press has no apparel to offer, it doesn’t mean you can’t count down the days on one of our Vintage College Football Calendars or keep scores and memories of your favorite games in one of our College Journal books.

College Colors Day falls on Friday, August, 31st, Labor Day weekend – Perfect timing for a tailgate with family and friends and the opportunity to really show your school spirit.  WE CAN’T WAIT!!  For more information on College Colors Day, we recommend you follow them on Facebook and check out their website which will be updated for the upcoming College Colors Day soon.


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