Andy’s TOP TEN Vintage College Journal Books

Andy’s TOP TEN Vintage College Journal Books

Andy’s TOP TEN Vintage College Journal Books.  Commit to the “G”

Spoiler Alert!! – The Georgia Bulldogs are my #1.  Yes, it is mainly due to the fact that they are my favorite College sports team, but it also has to do with the very pleasing and simplistic look of the logo – “G” for Gargantuan, Gorgeous, Gigantic, Great, Glorious, Groovy, Gallant, Glamorous, Grandiose, Gutsy, and most of all Good-Looking!  Ok, now let’s go to the back nine starting with #10….

10. Go Get ‘Em Goat!  More of that letter “G” but really the charging Goat just jumps off the cover!


9. Fear the Turtle!  Actually the little Terp is kinda cute.. don’t be scared. 

8Boiler Up!  Purdue Pete looks like he sledge-hammered the aluminum plated stamp on the journal book himself!

7.  The Pony Express of SMU always ready for riding and writing…

6. Purdue Pete has nothing on Sparky who one upped him by personally searing on the foil stamped ASU logo with his heated pitchfork.

5.  Loving Ohio State because it is the ONLY logo on a journal book that features vintage football players!  And we have over 70 college journal books….

4.  The Texas Tech Red Raiders mascot reminds me of the dashing swashbuckler Zorro, and of course that makes me envision the Mark of Zorro being slashed across the pages of an open journal book.    

3. I’ve found that writing in my daily Georgia journal book has brought me good luck as it it did the day we defeated Notre Dame – Not so much the day we lost the National Championship to Alabama.  At the end of the day, it’s always a good idea to possess the luck of the Irish.  

 2.  That is one Cool CAL Claw.  

1. I love the Dawgs, BUT…. there is nothing cooler than the Delaware – Fightin’- Blue – Hens – !!!!

Don’t fret if your team didn’t make the Top Ten.  You’ll probably find them mixed in with ALL of our College and Pop Culture Journal Books on SALE for 50% OFF right HERE.

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