Asgard Press Proudly Adding Vintage Baseball Cards Calendar for 2019.

The heart and soul of the Asgard Press Vintage Calendar collection has clearly been attributed to our extensive College Football and DC Comics titles.  Both continue to grow (stay tuned for new exciting additions to both lines in 2019) and will always remain the focal points of our offerings.  That does not mean however, that we cannot continue to branch out by adding NEW “Old” sought after categories to our current list of Vintage Pop Culture Calendar titles.  And with that preface, we are proud to announce that Vintage Baseball Cards will be one of 10 new titles added when our 2019 Calendars are released this fall.

We don’t want to reveal too much in advance, but we will tell you that any baseball fan worth his weight in salt will surely love the imagery of baseball cards featured for all twelve months that go back to the late 1800’s through the 1920’s. Of course you don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate the look and feel of the cards from that period.  In those days, cards were mainly used for advertising purposes and the main distributors were tobacco and candy companies.  Have a look at a sampling below (these are not in our calendar – just to give you an idea)…..

T.T.T. Turkish Cigarettes Issued by Mentor Company, Boston, 1909

American Tobacco Company – 1910

1910, Coupon Cigarettes, American Tobacco

Exhibit Supply Company, 1926-29.

Exhibit Supply Company, 1925 – 36

More good news…  We will also be featuring Vintage Baseball Cards in our popular Desktop Calendar format.

We look forward to releasing our new Vintage Baseball Card offerings later in 2018 and hope you’ll mark them off on your “to purchase” list for yourself or the Baseball loving fans in your life!   We’ll be back next week right here on the Asgard Press blog with another Sneak Peek at what’s new for 2019.  See you then!!

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