An Important message from our Publisher

An Important message from our Publisher

An Important message from our Publisher


Dear Fellow Time Travelers,

Like you, the Asgard Press team is a nostalgic bunch who romanticize the early 20th century as a simpler time filled with understated magic. While viewing the past through our rose-colored lenses, we certainly acknowledge the many flaws in society during those times, including racism, sexism, and a general ignorance and intolerance toward people out of the mainstream. (Hmmm…are we talking about the past here?)

And yet there was a certain civility and thoughtfulness that seems to have gone missing nowadays. People could disagree and still comport themselves with decency and respect. There was a certain minimum standard of courtesy that everyone seemed to understand and abided by. (Yes, the tint on our rose-colored glasses is strong, I know.)

During these turbulent times, we like to hop in the time machine and slow things down a bit. As always, we invite you to join us. We’ve got some great new destinations lined up for this coming year, and a very special site-wide sale  that is going on right now.

That’s right, for a limited time (and read on to see why that’s not just marketing-speak) every single item or combo set is 50% off.  You read that right. No need to enter any special discount codes; just add your favorite vintage confection to your cart, and take it away! I’d like to mention some of the combo sets that we have, which are already heavily discounted, and can now be practically stolen from our warehouse at ridiculously low prices.

***Important Reminder***

As we have announced repeatedly over the past year, we are no longer carrying back stock of calendars. (As we passed 10 years for many of our titles, inventory and storage costs were starting to outpace the sales). So when the new 2019 calendars arrive this summer, the 2018 editions will be gone for good. This sale is the perfect time to stock up on sets of frame-ready images at a great price.

Although we no longer carry back editions, we are rapidly adding individual poster prints of your favorite images on our site, with more to come this summer and fall. If you haven’t checked it out recently, you can find a great selection of Golden Age DC Comics cover prints here.

If you’re looking for something beyond wall calendars, either because space is an issue or you’re one of those uber-organized Type A personalities that like to think and plan far in advance, you might consider our unique desktop calendars. Fans have raved about our original “3-months-at-once” design, which allows you a full 3-months’ view with each and every month. You can check them out here It’s really unlike any other desktop calendar design you’ve ever seen.

And speaking of unique, as I type this, I am not aware of any other journals that have numbered pages and a blank table of contents that you can fill out. Combined with old-fashioned gilded page edges and a sublime grid design on each page that allows for writing and drawing alike, it really is one-of-a-kind. We’ve got a wide assortment of schools and titles to choose from here.

Ahhh writing. Revisit and revive the lost art of a handwritten note with our keepsake boxed notecard sets. Each keepsake box has four each of five different card designs, and there are 39 colleges to choose from.

Gift Cards
You’ve asked, and we’ve delivered. We know how difficult it can be to pick out the perfect gift for family or friends, and now we’ve got a great solution. Let them choose!

Folks, the 50% off site-wide sale is really the best opportunity for you to pick up your favorite Asgard Press product for a song. Many long-time customers know that we don’t often do a sale like this, let alone apply it to everything in our store. It’s a great chance to try out a product that you may be less familiar with, with the same great best-of-class quality and meticulous design that you’ve come to expect from us.

Thank you for your continued support, and enjoy your journey!


Peter Shin
Publisher & Founder

Contact Us
(302) 295-8992


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