Collegiate Close Ups #8 – Wisconsin Badgers

Mascot Monday starring Bucky Badger!


2019 Vintage Wisconsin Badgers Football Calendar

47 DAYS TIL KICKOFF!!!  Bucky and the Badgers kick off their season versus South Florida on Friday, August 30th – the Official National Holiday known as College Colors Day AND WE CAN’T WAIT!!  Until that time comes, Asgard Press continues with their series of Vintage College Football Calendar Close-Ups and the Wisconsin Badgers are the focus today.  Before we show you what’s inside the 2019 Wall calendar, we want to remind you that even though we’re just beginning the second week of July, there’s plenty of months left in the year and you can always PERFORATE and ACCENTUATE ANY or ALL OF THE 12 Monthly images from our Vintage Wisconsin Badgers Calendar….  Frame ‘Em Up!

Now ON WISCONSIN to the 12 Months of Badgers Vintage Program Calendar Covers!

Please also check out our 2019 Wisconsin Badgers Gold Foil Stamped and Aluminum plated journal books as well as our Vintage Wiscy Notecard set too!  To shop all Wisconsin products, click HERE. 

Wisconsin Badgers

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, plunge right through that line. 
Run the ball clear down the field, a touchdown sure this time. 
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, fight on for her fame. 
Fight, fellows, fight, fight, fight, we’ll win this game. 
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, stand up Badgers sing. 
“Forward” is our driving spirit, loyal voices ring. 
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, raise her glowing flame. 
Stand, fellows, let us now salute her name. 
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, plunge right through that line 
Run the ball clear down the field boys, touchdown sure this time 
On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, Fight on for her fame 
Fight, Badgers, fight, fight, fight, we’ll win this game.

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