When Gravity Went Wild!

When Gravity Went Wild!

A Star-Studded Spectacular with the Greatest Super-Heroes!

Justice League of America #5, July 1961. Cover Artists: Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs.  Green Arrow is under suspicion of betraying the team, and is put on trial by his fellow Justice Leaguers.  Apparently aiding the Justice League enemies in a series of recent daring escapes by their foes, the Emerald Archer claims that he was in fact trying to protect the rest of the League from an imposter in their midst.  The villainous Doctor Destiny, disguised as Green Lantern, proves Green Arrow right by revealing himself and capturing the others with the help of an anti-gravity gadget.  The real Green Lantern then shows up in time to save the day.

2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar

2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar

The Justice League excerpt you’ve just read is featured in our 2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar (back of calendar pictured above).  Asgard Press DC Comics commentary provided by comic collecting experts, Bill Jourdain and Dr. Arnold T. Blumberg.  The 2019 Vintage DC Comics Desktop Calendar adds a touch of nostalgic fun, elegance, and functionality to your desktop that no electronic calendar can match. Twelve fully restored images come in a handsome 7″ x 7″ pop-up format, designed to fit neatly on your desk. Every image doubles as a 4″ x 6″ postcard – remember those? Each of these beauties is made of eco-friendly, high-quality paper stock that qualifies for USPS postcard mailing rates.

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