Today’s TOP TEN College Football Teams TOP TEN Vintage Program Covers

Today’s TOP TEN College Football Teams TOP TEN Vintage Program Covers

Today’s TOP TEN College Football Teams TOP TEN Vintage Program Covers

You got that?  If you’re a Top Ten list lover like me and a College Football fan too, then you’re probably going to love this #TurnbackTuesday Top Ten list of today’s top ten teams and their best vintage program covers.  This is all based on the expert opinion of, well, me…   And for the sake of shamelessly plugging our NEW 2018 Vintage College Football Calendars, I made sure the covers featured below were chosen after meticulous review of all 120 months of covers featured within and I loved every minute of it.  Now I’m very happy to share with you so with out any further nonsense let’s begin…

#10. Ohio State – CAUTION: Buckeyes may appear larger than they really are. All program covers from 1969 featured The College Game Centennial logo.

#9. Wisconsin – Any time Bucky Badger bucks up is beautiful to behold. And Dad’s Day? Double whammy.

#8. TCU – I see no football here? BUT honoring your parents, the flag, and the Olympics with some pretty eye-popping pageantry can’t be ignored.

#7. Michigan – Pop Art before Peter Max! ..and let’s hear it for Dad’s Day!!

#6. Washington – 3 Footballs in one photo and an invite to join the Rockettes.

#5. Georgia – I’m just happy my DAWGS are ranked #5! Also, the cover showing several different uniform styles and colors from the early 1940’s make it one of my all time favorites.

#4. Penn State – Everything about this screams OLD SCHOOL IS NOW IN SESSION! The months, leather helmets, the uniform colors, and the northern teams make you want to get outside and play “Kill the Guy with the Ball!”

#3. Oklahoma – There’s some classically creepy goodness in the cartoonish depictions of all the players and mascots that caught my eye on this one. That’s one scary lookin’ Sooner dude.

#2. Clemson – Always a big WIN with cartoon illustrations by the legendary Phil Neel who also did hundreds of covers for Auburn.

#1. Alabama – I’m just a sucker for a Flag shaped like the USA hovering over a football game being played in a football. ..and Bama is playing GEORGIA! GO DAWGS! (Alabama won that day in 1945, 28 -14.

All done!  You can view every month for every team in the Top Ten (As chosen by the Associated Press) and choose your favorite cover by clicking the images above which will take you to each team calendar.  Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for my “Pick of the Week” and again on Thursday for our weekly contest (Win free stuff!) and Friday for Flash-back -Friday-Football-Funnies (Laugh!)!    Might as well check us out every day 🙂

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