Whoopin’ it Up with Batman and Robin!

Whoopin’ it Up with Batman and Robin!

Throwback Thursday Golden Age DC Style..

This great cover by legendary Golden Age Batman artist, Dick Sprang, shows Batman and Robin on bucking broncos, and ties into the story, “The Streamlined Rustlers!” featured in this issue.  In this story, our heroes head west to foil a group of cattle rustlers.  This isn’t the first or last time that Batman and Robin leave Gotham City

To fight crime, and their world-wide popularity often takes them to remote locations.  This issue also features a Golden Age Penguin story, “The Three Eccentrics!”  The Penguin, next to the Joker, was one of the villains most featured in Golden Age Batman stories.

Kudos to Bill Jourdain for his expert commentary for the above featured month and for the entire brand NEW 2019 Vintage Batman Calendar which you can purchase HERE.  Bill has been an avid reader and collector of comic books for over 40 years.  Read the Asgard Press interview with Bill HERE.

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