These Ads From Old College Football Programs are Vintage Gold.

The joy of thumbing through vintage College Football programs while doing research is one of the absolute best perks of working at Asgard Press (There are many!).  Seeing thousands of classic images of gridiron greats from so long ago, along with good old fashioned game-day coverage from the best local sportswriters of their time across the country representing hundreds of schools, is truly this sports fanatics dream come true!  The vintage comics in these programs are vintage dated happiness as well (If you’re a regular reader of the Asgard Press Blog, you’re probably familiar with our popular Flashback-Fridday-Football-Funnies” posts which include many of these cartoons).

These football programs wouldn’t be complete without the plethora of Vintage ads sprinkled gloriously throughout and simply add to the Vintage program party taking place within.  Since the Holidays are upon us, I figured I’d share the gift of this visual goodness with you.  So put on your nostalgic caps and ENJOY!!!!


Hope you enjoyed this retro rewind and we plan on coming back with another treasure trove of vintage ads in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

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